AmeriChem PAC Frequently Asked Questions

What is the American Chemistry Council Political Action Committee (AmeriChem PAC)?

The American Chemistry Council PAC is a nonpartisan political action committee (PAC). It is registered with the US Federal Election Commission (FEC) and allows chemical industry executives and employees of American Chemistry Council to pool personal, voluntary financial contributions. The contributions are used to support candidates seeking elective office at the federal level who are proponents of issues important to our members.

Why does American Chemistry Council need a PAC?

Active employee engagement in the political process is an important means of protecting our business, employee and shareholder interests. The size and scope of government have continued to increase and grow more complex. Governments decide how business is conducted and public policy decisions made in one industry sector often reverberate in many other sectors. As a leader in our industry and the business community, it is critical that we be engaged and have a robust, effective PAC.

What is the purpose of the AmeriChem PAC?

American Chemistry Council organized the PAC to financially support candidates for elective office who, regardless of political party affiliation, understand the interests and concerns of the chemical industry. Ultimately, we want to help elect individuals who understand our industry and are responsive to our business concerns.

Why doesn’t American Chemistry Council directly support candidates for public office?

United States Federal law prohibits corporations and labor organizations from contributing corporate funds to the election campaigns of federal political candidates and current Members of Congress. It is imperative we use the legal tools available to us and proactively participate in the election of qualified individuals who will understand our business endeavors, partnerships, and consider our solutions. Given the legal avenues available to contribute under federal law, AmeriChem PAC is the most efficient means of accomplishing this goal.

Who can contribute to AmeriChem PAC?

All executive and administrative personnel with policymaking, managerial, professional or supervisory responsibilities; stockholders; and the families of the aforementioned groups who are US citizens, or who are permanent green card holders are eligible to participate. Participation is completely voluntary and no one will be favored or disadvantaged because of the amount of a contribution or a decision not to contribute.

Why is it important for me to contribute to the AmeriChem PAC?

American Chemistry Council believes it is important for its members and employees to be politically involved and informed. Your individual contributions, combined through AmeriChem PAC, provide a powerful tool to help elect business-oriented legislators who decide issues of importance to our industry, and our country.

How can I contribute to the AmeriChem PAC?

Contributing to the American Chemistry Council PAC is very simple. You may choose to participate by authorizing a specific deduction from your pay each pay period, a one-time payroll deduction, or by sending a personal check or money order. If you contribute via payroll deduction, the amount will continue to be deducted until you elect to change or discontinue it.

Individuals are allowed to contribute up to $5,000 per year to PACs. The PAC has suggested contribution levels which are outlined on the Enrollment form. Contribution levels are only a suggestion and more or less may be given without reprisal. Contributions at any level are always welcomed and appreciated.

Do I receive a tax benefit by contributing to the AmeriChem PAC?

Contributions to PACs are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Who will know if I contribute to the PAC?

Federal law requires that the PAC file a report with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) listing each person who contributes more than $200 per calendar year. This information is a matter of public record.

Who pays AmeriChem PAC’s expenses? Do these costs detract from my contribution?

American Chemistry Council pays the full administrative costs of the PAC, as allowed by law. 100% of the dollars contributed by contributors go directly to support candidate campaigns.

Can I recommend a Candidate for Support?

Yes, every contributor who is participating in AmeriChem PAC can recommend a contribution for a candidate. The PAC Board of Directors will seriously consider all recommendations made by AmeriChem PAC contributors.

How much can AmeriChem PAC contribute to candidates?

AmeriChem PAC may contribute, by law, no more than $5000 to a federal candidate per election (primary, general and runoff are considered separate elections) and no more than $5000 per year to a federal candidate’s Leadership PAC.


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